Converting measurements of time

Today, the children were converting between different measurements of time. They used their knowledge of how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour, how many hours are in a day, how many days are in a week and how many weeks are in a year to help them.

We had great fun hunting around the classroom for time cards, before converting them to find the answer.

Here is a game that they can play at home to practice the skill

Class assembly

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you tomorrow during our class assembly. Doors will open at 2:30pm and we will start at 2:40pm.

Children in Need fun

Congratulations and well done to Elle who guessed the number of objects in the jar correctly! She guessed that there were 140 pom poms in the jar. Alongside our Anglo Saxon workshop, we had great fun learning about and joining in with some Children in Need activities. Here are some pictures of us joining in with Joe Wick’s big morning move!

Electricity experts

This term we are learning all about electricity and how it works. We have talked about and created posters about how we can be safe around electricity. Ben brought some items in to show us and all of the children were given some wire to look at. We really enjoyed hearing about the different things used by electricians.

Soup making

On Monday, we made 3 different healthy soups. We made: parsnip and apple soup, creamy carrot soup and leek and potato. All of the children really enjoyed getting involved with chopping and cooking the vegetables ready for tasting in the afternoon and it was great to see so many children trying the different options. Although we liked all three soups, the creamy carrot was the favourite of the day! It even had children who don’t like carrots asking for more.